Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) is cross-cutting in nature and applies to all types of communal settlements, namely planned camps, collective centres, self-settled camps and reception or transit centres. Its role is to ensure effective management and coordination of humanitarian response in camps according to standards, support the identification of gaps, facilitate information sharing and ultimately advocate for adequate and timely intervention by relevant actors. Effective representation and meaningful participation of the IDP as well as host communities is central to the planning and discharging of CCCM responsibilities. CCCM encompasses three distinct functions namely camp administration, camp management and camp coordination.

IOM is the global CCCM Cluster Lead in natural disasters. The CCCM Cluster strives to achieve an effective and efficient coordinated humanitarian response in situations where displaced populations are forced to seek refuge in camps or camp-like situations.

Since the establishment of the Cluster Approach in 2005, IOM has been invested in the creation of CCCM capacity, primarily among its own staff, Cluster partners and local NGOs. As capacity building programmes have expanded to a broader audience—in particular to national authorities—it has been necessary to adapt methodology, content and processes to the distinct needs of each country and participant group. Through targeted and contextually relevant capacity building, IOM works in partnership with key Government actors and national stakeholders to enhance capacity in coordination and management of displacement situations.

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